What is Central Heating Power Flushing?


Powerflushing is the process by which the central heating system of a house is flushed clean of rust, sludge and any other debris that may have accumulated.

A high flow pressure pumping unit is attached to the heating system circulation pump and a series of strong cleansing chemicals are flushed through the entire system.


By using this powerful pump on this machine with environmentally safe chemicals the whole central heating circuit, pipes, radiators and boiler are cleansed of sludge, scale and corrosion deposits with minimal dismantling and disruption. All radiators are individually flushed, avoiding the need to remove or disconnect them from the system by directing the full force of the flow through each individual radiator in turn.

At the end of the flushing process fresh clean water is left in the system . This is checked with a device to show it is as clean as your tap water. The system is then reinstated with appropriate inhibitor for both your boiler and central heating type.



Power flushing will not remedy existing design or mechanical faults but in many cases it will cure the problems associated with them.


Power flushing restores the heat circulation to ageing central heating systems that have suffered from circulation and boiler noise and or cold radiators. Where the accumulations of sludge, corrosion and scale deposits over the central heating system's life have reduced or stopped its performance.




Do My Radiators & Central Heating require a Power Flush?


The symptoms to look out for where a central heating system and boiler would benefit from a power flush:


  •  No hot water from blocked pipes and heat exchangers.

  •  A noisy boiler that knocks and bangs especially on start up.

  •  Your radiators are partially cold or completely cold.

  •  The radiator water is dirty.

  •  Central heating is slow to warm.

  •  Radiators require frequent bleeding of air.

  •  Repeated pump failures.

  •  Your central heating header tank is warm.        


These symptoms are an indication of circulation and flow problems. They result from internal corrosion, scale and sludge forming within your central heating system. Power flushing can remove undesirable corrosion residues and scale and replace sludge water quickly with clean water after removing the scale and sludge. The central heating circulation is restored and so is the system's efficiency, preventing future problems.


The Benefits Of Power Flushing Your Central Heating System are as Follows:


  •  The system flow and circulation are restored by removing the problems of sludge and scale.

  •  Central heating efficiency restored so improving on heating costs.

  •  Radiators heat output restored.

  •  The whole central heating system is cleaned including under floor pipe work.

  •  Aggressive water is removed; further water treatment prevents corrosion.

  •  Cures boiler noise.

  •  Sludge removal and de-scaling in one visit.

  •  Power Flushing completed within the day depending on system size.


By breathing new life into an old central heating system the costs and inconvenience of a replacement central heating system can be avoided.


It is also recommended that the powerflush process is carried out if you intend to connect a new boiler replacement to an old heating system. This is because most new boilers are condensing boilers and any contaminants already present in the heating system can quickly damage the internal pipe work of the new boiler and manufactures will not accept warranty!